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Creative Ways of Using Composite Decking in Your Garden

Remember when gardens used to be no more complicated than a rectangle of grass surrounded by flower beds, a quadrilateral level patio and a set of table and chairs? Nowadays, the bar is set a bit higher. So, don’t be a square. It’s time to get creative with your outdoor space. And, because it’s so versatile, we think composite decking is a great way to let your imagination run free in your garden.

Here are our top ideas to use composite decking boards creatively in your garden.

Creating a sunken conversation pit

Ah, the seventies. The era that gave birth to eclectic interior design trends like wood-panelling, shag pile carpets and loud, geometric wallpaper. Many of these 70s design trends are creeping back into modern homes like macrame, rattan and bamboo furniture. And, believe it or not, we’re seeing the return of the good old sunken conversation pit.

Image: @dwell on Instagram

Unlike in the 70s, sunken conversation pits aren’t being built in the living room: They’ve moved outside to the garden. Providing you have a robust frame, you can use composite decking boards to create a stylish, durable, low-maintenance conversation pit in your garden. Bring on the long, philosophical debates over an equally nostalgic Aperol Spritz or Negroni. Bellbottoms optional.

Create bench seating

Outside of a firepit, bench seating is another design concept that’s all the rage. Whether indoors or outdoors, bench seating provides versatile and informal seating options for your home. The benefit of using composite decking to create bench seating is that you can blend your flooring into the seating area, and visually extend your garden entertaining space. Built-in garden design features always add value to your home as well. 

Create steps and different levels

Whether a staircase or graduated decking platforms, you don’t have to keep your deck to one level. Graduated decking can mean you get maximum use out of a sloped garden area or lead the eye down towards a focal point. You can also build your deck up and over garden structures and features, like creating a bridge over a stream or water feature.

Create patterns

By using different colours and textures, you can create patterns in your composite deck. Add some personality with diagonal, herringbone or chevron designs. Use decking to frame certain areas, or mark out edges for safe steps. Patchwork, cask-effect, diamond or square inserts – you can be as adventurous as you like. And as your installer can manage. 

Get playful with shapes

Composite decking is so easy to work with, and this means you don’t need to stick to straight edges. Curves are entirely possible, especially with flexible facia to tidy up edges. Your deck can be any shape you imagine. Within reason.

Get matchy-matchy

Just as you can build your bench seating from the same decking as your floor, why not create a coordinated look in other areas? You could create a deck that blends into a garden room by using matching cladding. Our product collection includes matching composite fencing, and we already have a range of matching balustrades and accessories.

Are you full of ideas for how you could use composite decking to create magnificent new features in your garden? Find an installer and get them booked for the job. 

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